Proudly Canadian, Dainty Rice designed this simple, one button, rice cooker with Canadians in mind. It will cook small portions or large ones for the whole family.

The newest version,now available, also has a steamer basket allowing you to steam vegetables, or heat chicken or rice for example, while your rice cooks underneath. We have also added a second hole to the rice cooker cover to let the steam escape more efficiciently.

Easy for cooking any variety of rice, or even producing a whole meal in the rice cooker. All you have to do is fill the rice cooker bowl with ingredients and press 'ON'. The cooker does the rest, it even turns itself down to 'WARM' when the cooking is done.
Simple rice, Simple life, that's our motto and this attractive cooker will get you there.


Capacity: Up to 4 cups dry rice = 8 cups of cooked rice

Perfect for all rice types, even quinoa or barley

Dishwasher safe non-stick bowl

Reverts automatically to 'warm' when the cooking step is done

Measuring cup, rice paddle & steamer basket included

Sold only in Canada by Canada's only rice mill

Dainty Rice Cooker

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