You may know these flavours from the iconic Dainty canned rices! By popular demand, we've made them available in a convenient multi-pack. Simply dump the seasoning with your favourite rice (we recommend Conditioned for the best results) in a rice cooker or a pot on the stovetop, with water and a bit of oil. Give it a stir, let it cook, then enjoy! 

Feeling creative? You can also use these seasonings on meats, marinades, or soups! The possibilities are endless! Share your recipes with us on Instagram @DaintyFoods.

Contents: 12 Seasoning packs 

  •  3 X Chicken 
  • 3 X Chinese 
  • 3 X Beef 
  • 3 X Pilaf
Dainty Rice Seasoning Pouches - The "Staples" Combo

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